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Nice to have you here!

Are you still tracking…

…or are you finally making music?!

Why Heckules?

Concept & Philosophy

Artistic Support & Care

Are you still tracking or are you finally making music?!

Huge sound doesn’t make a great song! The difference is all in the concept – and this is where the special focus in our collaboration lies. From thorough preparation long before the actual recording session,  extensive artistic support and care during tracking, to state-of-the-art mixing, before finally handing over to one of the best and most sought-after mastering engineers of Germany.

You’ve got the idea, I am the tool.

Your chorus lacks power? The song as a whole needs more suspense and excitement? Or maybe some additional vocal harmonies would be nice (Queen-style choirs, baby!)? I’m here to help I’ve and got you covered. So let’s get your ideas out of your head and into reality!

Your Original Sound

Fed up with the ever same sounding drum samples and amp profiles?

Me too! That’s why together we create your sound. No matter whether you would like to stick with real drums and amps, go with samples and modeling, or combine the best of both worlds – your sound will always be tailored specifically to you and your music.

An original sound will improve your chances of success!

To stand out from the masses you need an individual identity, and it all starts with your sound. Because if your band sounds like any other band, it does exactly that – sound like any other band! Great, round of applause please, “Thank you, we’ll be in touch” Only if everything falls into place can something great happen which will help you to uniquely differentiate yourself.

The Heckules Factor

“Nice talk, but you can’t hide your specific studio sound…!”

You’re absolutely right!

Of course all of my projects also show a certain signature style. No matter whether it’s the full-blown production or plain mixing and regardless of which genre: the Heckules factor is always present. You’re sure to recognize it in my portfolio.

Heckules projects sound modern and tidy.

Always with that “natural punch”, but never over-blown.

Even more importantly: Productions, as well as mixes, always cater specifically to the song and its needs. With great love for the music and that meticulous attention to detail – be it while tracking parts or arrangement layers during recording, or establishing some finicky automation or subtle effects while mixing.

Let’s Get Personal

Biography & Background

Hi, I'm Your Tonmeister!

My name is Mathias Heckl and I am a qualified “Diplom-Tonmeister” from the University of Music, Detmold

My far better half likes to call me Heckules – a nod to my surname. This is how the name Heckules Musikproduktion came to be.

I love burgers (as well as chocolate, unfortunately) and I am a huge fan of NFL and American Football in general. Also, I am really enjoying seeing my small son grow up!

Having been raised in a household of classical music (including violin, cello and piano lessons) once I hit puberty I discovered the dark side of music. Since then I‘ve become an incorrigible rock and metal guy and I’ve tried about every instrument you can play in a band. Including backing vocals, but that’s a rather sad story…

Since 2015 I‘ve been living my dream of being self employed in music production. Why don’t you join me for a part of my way – I would love that!

Qualifications / Projects / Artists / Network:

Noteworthy qualifications:

  • Training as an Audio Specialist for Music Production, Radio and TV, Music Support Group (nowadays Deutsche Pop) Munich/Eichenau
  • Academic studies of “Musikübertragung” (Tonmeister studies), University of Music, Detmold. (First scholar of my year to get his degree.)
  • Diploma thesis on mic-ing a grand piano for rock, pop and metal music.
  • Mixing mentorship with Ludwig Mayer, GKG Mastering. (First student occupying the Rock/Metal genre to be accepted.)

Projects, artists and network:

  • John Hayes (Mother’s Finest)
  • Martin Grupe (Stillbirth)
  • Redefined (German finalists SPH Band Contest)
  • Patryk Smolarek (candidate Eurovision Song Contest)
  • Unique Leader Records
  • Noizgate Records / Deafground Records
  • Trypoul Studios, NL
  • Bekegg Studios
  • and many more

Even More Background

So you might be asking yourself, where all this artistic care stuff is coming from.

Well, for me music production is a bit like baking a cake: without proper ingredients the cake will never turn out well, no matter how good your baking skills are. The dough might be the fluffiest and the icing the shiniest. It won’t make any difference if the cake tastes like crap.

This is my main principle and the foundation of how I work. Because it’s only great music that will still be played and listened to in 20 or 30 years time, when our preferences in sound will have long changed.

This is where the Tonmeister studies come back into play…

…as they added a huge arsenal of tools for artistic production to my already existing experience with many different instruments.

For every issue we might encounter – be it questions regarding arrangement, tips on how to play a certain passage, or thoughts on appropriate sound – there is always a respective tool for the solution. And they’re all just waiting to be used by you!

…Now It’s Your Turn!